Community warmth, with your own front door

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CoHoWM aims to build around 16-20 eco-friendly, affordable, accessible homes on aroundan acre. Individuals’ homes will have their own front door, and there will also be communal facilities such as kitchen, lounge, allotments, and play areas. We aim to build a community that reflects all the rich diversity of the West Midlands region. We expect that the community will be in a suburban setting, and hope that it will have non-car access to the usual facilities and to green areas.

We aim to benefit the local community, wherever that is, as well as ourselves. Some housing will be reserved for locals, who will become an integral part of our community. Locals will also be consulted about further ways we can benefit the wider community.

The community will be built on diversity, equality, trust, respect, friendship and understanding rather than rules and regulations. We want it to be a place of creativity, fun and relaxation, even through all the hard work that is necessary to build a community. Our people will want to, and be able to, get along in groups.

About Us

We are Cohousing West Midlands, a housing co-operative project.

We are seeking to build an eco-friendly, affordable community of around 16-20 homes.




Cohousing West Midlands Mutual Home Ownership Society Limited. Registered in England. FCA Society number 4776. Registered address 5 Florence Pl, back of 175 Ombersley Rd, Birmingham B12 8UX. Here’s a link to our Rules. Another to our Membership policy. And one to our full Membership Pack.