February 2020

During our monthly meeting, we each filled in a questionnaire about our requirements and hopes for the kind of area where we’d like our site to be – e.g. closeness to facilities, etc. It’ll be good to get some detail on the strength of feeling about particular topics.

We decided to make working groups more formal and more visible. There’s probably more, but ones discussed in the meeting were: groups to gather site criteria; to work with architecture students; and to improve the workings of CoHoWM as a whole, in line with the results of the “state of the project” questionnaire.

Outside the meeting:

  • work began on laying down a sound foundation for financial record keeping.
  • we obtained Birmingham and Sandwell Council’s databases of sites available for development.
  • One member had an impromptu, positive exchange with a Sandwell counsellor.
  • Another visited an auction at which some properties owned by Birmingham City Council were sold. After a discussion with builders about the outcome of the lot they had been interested in, they concluded that this was not a cost-effective way of buying property.
  • A meeting to discuss ways of improving CoHoWM was held.
  • And probably a bunch of other stuff! ;o)

Published by CoHoWM

Cohousing West Midlands is (surprise) a cohousing project for the West Midlands! Cohousing is where everyone has their own front door, but there's also a community house for weekly shared meals and activities, and other shared spaces. More than a Housing Association, and less than a co-op!

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