January 2021

Had a good chat with Blase Lambert of the Confederation of Co-operative Housing. He answered some remaining questions on Co-operatives UK’s new MHOS model Rules. I believe we’re ready to roll now.

We also chatted about financing projects. Current alternatives include self-build-specific mortgages brokered by BuildStore (currently only applicable to freehold single homes, not housing co-ops); mortgages via e.g. Co-operative bank and Ecology building society (max limit too small for a medium sized co-operative such as ours); commercial loans via e.g. Triodos bank (commercial interest rates, much higher than mortgage rates). The Ethex ethical investment platform was discussed, as was a more distant possibility of a fund set up by leveraging monies held by mature housing co-ops.

We attended a couple of seminars, one on finance and partnerships, another on managing money.

And, as usual, we had a couple of social meetings over Zoom.

Published by CoHoWM

Cohousing West Midlands is (surprise) a cohousing project for the West Midlands! Cohousing is where everyone has their own front door, but there's also a community house for weekly shared meals and activities, and other shared spaces. More than a Housing Association, and less than a co-op!

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