August 2022

August was a quite month. We had a chat with someone who was interested in the idea of cohousing, had a couple of business meetings, and did a little work on updating our prospectus!

May 2022

Technical work continued on merging the two groups. Emails from the old Cohousing West Midlands (CoHoWM) account have been tidied and are ready to import into the new CoHoWM account. Emails are now being automatically forwarded to the new account. We attended a number of events: A locality event about relationships between Local Authorities andContinue reading “May 2022”

April 2022

Hi folks, another quiet month (at least on the cohousing front!). We had a catchup with one of our West Midlands Urban Community Homes (wMUCH) mentors. wMUCH folks helped both the Birmingham Community Cohousing, and the old Cohousing West Midlands group, who have joined forces to create the new improved Cohousing West Midlands group. WeContinue reading “April 2022”

March 2022

March was very quiet. Not much happening externally. Some work going on under the covers to amalgamate the groups’ finances and files. A couple of Zoom meetings.

January 2022

Birmingham Community Cohousing (BCC) and the old Cohousing West Midlands (CoHoWM) groups agreed a framework for merging the two groups. We’ll keep the CoHoWM name (rather than BCC or a possible third option), and we’ll keep the CoHoWM registration with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), since CoHoWM is already registered as an MHOS. It’s agreedContinue reading “January 2022”

December 2021

December was a quiet month – at least on the Cohousing front. CoHoWM had a Zoom meeting, and Birmingham Community Cohousing had a meeting with one CoHoWMer attending live and another by Zoom. We look forward to restarting our activities in the new year.

November 2021

This month we attended the regular UK Cohousing Network coffee evening. We heard from the director of a Housing Association which is prototyping a Cohousing-style approach to some of its housing for seniors in the Midlands. We also heard from Portaferry Cohousing, Northern Ireland’s first Cohousing community. One of us had a chat with aContinue reading “November 2021”