Books about cohousing, energy, ecology, etc., belonging to various members, and that they are willing to loan out.

Owner Book Loan to
SC Sarah Bunker, Chris Coates and Martin Field (Eds), Cohousing in Britain: A Diggers & Dreamers Review JW
MJH Paul Chatterton, Low Impact Living
MJH ID22: Institute for Creative Sustainability, Cohousing Inclusive
CH George Monbiot, Out of the Wreckage: A new politics for an age of crisis
MJH Noha Nasser (Ed.), Connections: 12 approaches to relationship-based placemaking
Ecology & gardening etc.
MJH Graham Bell, The Permaculture Garden
Building standards & technologies
Economy & finance
Project planning & business
MJH David Patching, Practical soft systems analysis

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