The policy documents presented here are only copies of the real working documents on the GDrive. Please feel free to read and comment by email, or, preferably, by going to the GDrive and making suggestions in the documents themselves. (Note that in some browsers, when you click on one of the documents it is silently downloaded to your Downloads folder. You can view the document by going to your Downloads folder and double-clicking on the document in the usual way.)

Our Vision and ethos document is at the core of our community. Living together can be hard work, but if we share vision and ethos, that will provide a basis for us to work things out.

Vision and ethos v0.1

Of course, our specific policies are important as well…

Business plan v0.1

Communications v0.1

Consensus decision making v0.1

Data protection policy v0.1

Diversity and equality policy v0.1

Ownership and legal status criteria v0.1

Pet policy v0.2

Shared meals v0.1

Site location criteria v0.1


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