CoHoWM is a friendly group of people and we’re looking for new members to be part of a diverse, multi-generational, intentional community. We share a belief in the power of people to bring about change and the need for new approaches to housing development and housing policy. Our first meeting was in November 2017, and we have visited several inspiring cohousing projects, including LILAC in Leeds and Marmalade Lane in Cambridge. We are now a registered Mutual Home Ownership Society with a business plan and a set of policies developed through our many discussions.

Some of us have had previous experience living co-operatively – in rural or suburban communities in Auckland, New Zealand, and in kibbutzim in Israel.

We’ve worked in a variety of settings – shops, offices, schools, factories and farms – with a corresponding variety of people – young people, adults and families, including people with housing or special educational needs. Particular experience includes art projects, radical bookselling, fundraising for educational projects locally, nationally and internationally, a variety of IT-based work, copyediting, being a teaching assistant, teaching, training teachers.

Other experience includes homemaking and caring for disabled family members; living and working abroad; involvement in a wide variety of social, political, economic and environmental justice movements; academic research; volunteering as a skilled listener for a bereavement care charity; volunteering for an animal rescue charity, a heritage centre, and a hospice;  volunteering as treasurer / spreadsheet helper for small voluntary organisations; standing as a paper candidate for parliamentary and council elections; stewarding in a variety of situations.

We have a good variety of transferable skills between us.

Between us we have a wide range of interests. People; nature, gardening, and sustainability; meditation, Qi Gong, and yoga; reading and discussing a wide variety of fiction genres and non-fiction topics; producing art, storytelling, folklore, folk-dancing, many different genres of music, theatre, film, culture and heritage, Netflix and YouTube. You’re sure to find someone to share an enthusiasm with!

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